Friday, November 13, 2009


This was my view for much of the past weekend. 

I love this view.

It's been over 8 years since I've seen Dionysas (driver's seat). It wasn't until we'd been together more than 24 hours that I did the math on that. It was too painful. I missed his laugh and his attitude and his insight and everything else about him. Why do we do so long without that which feeds us? Are we stupid?

I did see Zelda (on the right) just 11 months ago and yet, still not enough. Never enough. We text, we Facebook, we e-mail, we blog. We're in better shape than some long distance friends but it's not the same. Is there anything better than curling up next to a really good friend and talking about this, that and everything else until one or both of you just drifts away to sleep? There might be I guess but not much.

I was bent, nearly broken, when I boarded a plane to Chicago last Thursday. It wasn't until I was in the airport that I realized my hoodie was covered in cat hair and had schmutz on one cuff. I had packed just one pair of shoes and they didn't go with any of the clothes I'd packed. My bag was too heavy and I couldn't heft it into the overhead compartment. I felt schlubby and frumpy and dirty and ridiculous. On Monday I boarded a plane to La Guardia in pretty much the same outfit I'd been wearing 4 days previously and yet I stood taller, I felt cleaner and I could breathe again. I know it's hard to believe but my carryon even fit better in the overhead compartment.

We can live without our tribe, it's possible, but we are not the better for it.


  1. I'm glad you got to spend time with old friends and that it rejuvinated you.

  2. oh. those photos are fabulous.
    i am better when I am with you.
    true story.

  3. Why those bitches make you sit in the backseat the whole time, though?

  4. Z, and I with you. For sure.

    Chrome, it's an awesome view and, truth be told, I chose it. Zelda gave me the option to switch but I was fine with sitting back and enjoying the ride. They chose better music.

  5. except for the "kill myself manilow" cd choice. Whooooo Barry. Honey! Perk it up a bit!!!

  6. I like Manilow and I thought that was a Greatest Hits CD but it seemed to be a Greatest Downer Hits CD.