Sunday, November 08, 2009

Turning Toward the Thankful

While I'm up here giving thanks for being with people I have missed for so long I think it's time we start talking a little about the holidays.

I have some NYC traditions I've put in place for Thanksgiving. I meet a friend in the West Village and we deliver a few meals for God's Love We Deliver. Then we eat our Thanksgiving meal together at a diner. I usually have French toast and corned beef hash. Then she goes to work on a tour bus and I head home to cook.

I cook because Friday I celebrate with friends. We eat leftovers and drink mimosas and talk about what our Thanksgivings were like. It's open house style and it lasts from 1:00pm until the last drop of champagne has been quaffed. Someone remind me to buy more champagne this year.

What will you be doing for Thanksgiving (or in the case of our Canadian friends, what did you do)?


  1. Going with my husband and kids to the family homestead in tiny town, NC.

  2. I am starting the day with our 4th annual Running Buddies thanksgiving run and families' breakfast. Love love love this tradition.

  3. My mother and I will get together and have fondue (the Beau will be with his family).

  4. I think to DC to eat supper with the boy's best college bud.
    I don't think I've had the same Thanksgiving twice since living in NYC. It's a little bothersome.