Thursday, November 12, 2009


I got back Monday night. Had to work a half day on Tuesday then had a rehearsal. I felt like hammered crapdoodle on Tuesday (thank you recycled airplane air and your long time partner, flu season) but decided if I took some A1eve and went to rehearsal it would be the right thing to do. Ever since I've felt miles better. Apparently all those assholes who tell you that a workout will move the germs out of your system are right.

So last night I felt pretty darn good about expanding my horizons and meeting more people I'd never seen face to face before. Let me tell you, if you ever have the opportunity to eat delicious French food with the incomparable Aaryn Belfer you should just freaking do it! She's just as fabulous as you'd expect and she loved New York immediately which always makes me happy. I ate more than I ought, I drank just about the right amount and I stayed out far later than prudence dictated (shut up prudence!) and it was marvelous.

While I'm praising women in my life I realize I failed to let you guys know that, over at the (newly redesigned) Colony I sang Kath's praises yesterday. If you've been reading this blog for any time at all you know what a cool chick she is but I don't know that you've heard the history of Kath & The Great Pupkin so I laid it all out over there.

In conclusion I can only say that during these difficult health times we should all take more Emergen-C and perhaps practice even more compassion if at all possible. (It's possible. Trust me.)

How you feelin'?

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