Monday, November 02, 2009

Whiling the Miles Away

There's a certain track of road I've covered a bit. Many of those trips, the ones for Christmas or photo shoots or lobsterbakes don't really count. It's the miles for death that you can feel under your feet. It's those trips that have both an urgency and a familiarity that's undeniable.

Today I make the trek again, hoping to catch someone before she leaves forever. Well, forever as far as we're concerned down here on the road at least. Most of the day will be sleeping and reading. The middle chunk will be among my people for even a little while to share...whatever it is we share. Tonight I'll be home again, sleeping in my own bed, preparing to vote in the wee hours of the morning before I go back to work tomorrow for the first time in a week.

This year hasn't been the worst one. There's been plenty of death in other years. This one, though, it's starting to drive home the point that it's coming for us, for my generation, for my people. The circle is unbroken, sure, but it's also closing in at an increasing rate. Do something nice for yourself today, please, before the circumference gets any smaller.

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