Tuesday, December 15, 2009

10 Things Road Trip

1. I'll be road tripping for most of today. My cousin's memorial service is at 2:30pm in New Hampshire. Mapquest says 4 hours 44 minutes from the rental place in Manhattan to the church for the memorial service. The plan is to arrive at the rental place at 7:30, depart the city by 8 and be in Manchester around 1pm.

2. I have snacks. Dried, salted green peas I'm pretty excited about. I've got chocolate covered pretzels. Hoping I can engineer a stop for some good hot chocolate before I get to the highway. Otherwise I'm stuck.

3. I do not stop once I get going. Extreme need to pee (extreme!), lack of gas, starvation, falling asleep at the wheel, those are about the only reasons.

4. I might relax the above rules a teensy bit on the return since I'm not coming back to something time sensitive. Except, you know, sleep.

5. I'm a little tense about getting lost. I tend to get lost in Manchester. It makes me cranky. I have mapquested and printed and toyed briefly with the idea of renting a GPS.

6. I'm so not renting a GPS. I'd be too tense about learning to use it. Don't need more tension.

7. I don't have a smart phone and I'm not stopping anywhere but the church for the memorial so I'll be offline all day, which is probably not so bad a thing. I can Twitter from my phone. I may succumb but I probably won't have any time.

8. On a whim I priced plane flights to do this. It'd be over $600. My car rental is going to be just over $50 plus gas, food and the car service to the rental place at the crack of dawn. Won't even approach half the price of flying. The trains and buses don't even really go there. It'd probably take 1.5 - 2 times as long to get where I needed to go and there'd be all the extra tension of wondering whether the buses would conform to the schedule I needed. What did I just say about adding tension?

9. I hope the rental car has an aux input so I can hook my iPod right up. I'm thinking the only way to handle a trip like this is with a sing-along, so show tunes and Christmas music. Fortunately I'm well stocked on both.

10. This is going to be an exceedingly weird day.


  1. I love taking road trips this length by myself. A little longer, like 8 hours, I prefer a companion, but 4 hours? Perfect. I drove a couple of times to Portland from Seattle for work, and really loved the structure of preparing and outfitting myself.

    Have fun! (although I know I'm writing this after you get back)

  2. I actually drove back the same day after the funeral and reception so the drive was just about right for you! The one way is fun by myself, the return isn't as fun. I get sick of that particular stretch of road, I've driven it a lot.

    Also, turns out I'm just not made for modern cars. I get squinched by the bend of the head rest and it gives me major tension headache.