Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Couple of Things

First, I'm writing about aging over at The Women's Colony today. Frankly, I'm not in favor of it.

Second, I'm in full on NEW BEGINNINGS mode over the coming new year. As part of that I dug up some exercises shared with me by my Life Coach years ago. I'll paste in at the bottom of this post her list of "25 Powerful Questions." I don't know how many of my answers I'll share with you but there sure is a lot of food for thought in them so if you'd like to share some of your answers or thoughts on the questions please do!

Hope you're having a good second to last day of 2009!


1.     What do I really, really, really, REALLY want?
2.     What do I enjoy doing most?
3.     What does _______ look like, specifically for me?  (Fill in the blank with one of those vague terms we all use, like “fulfilled”, “happiness” or “success”.  Use this to get clarity on what this really looks like for YOU.)
4.     What is the quality I’d most like to develop in myself?
5.     What is the best that could happen?
6.     What is fueling me, where do I get my energy?
7.     If I do _______, am I doing it to make ME happy or just to make someone else happy?
8.     Who is the person I most admire as a role model, and what is it that I admire about him/her?
9.     What do I need to do to take better care of myself?
10.  What am I afraid of?
11.  What is the one thing about myself I am most afraid of admitting to anyone?
12.  What is missing?
13.  Is this a “should” for me or is it something I really want to do?
14.  What am I avoiding that I need to face or deal with?
15.  What is the worst that could happen? And if that happened, what’s the worst that could happen after that?  (Keep asking this until you have gotten to the absolute worst case scenario.)
16.  What is important enough to me that I am willing to change?
17.  What am I willing to change, give up, or do differently?
18.  What do I need to let go of that is draining my energy?
19.  Have I said yes to a commitment that I now regret?
20.  What things did I love doing as a child that I’m no longer doing?
21.  What if there were no limits?
22.  What have I achieved or accomplished in my life that I am most proud of?
23.  If my life were ending, what would I most regret NOT doing?
24.  If my life were ending, what would I be happiest about having done?


  1. LOVE these. Watch for my answers soon...

  2. Well, (she says grudgingly) I'm starting to like those people over at the Colony a little more. You had great comments today.
    and it was a beautiful and profound piece. But that's who you are.
    and I knew that.
    I'm happy THEY know that now.

  3. The hardest question, and the one that I do not have the answer for is What is the First Step? I know I need to get into some sort of routine that is healthy for me and my family. It probably involves a lot less time at the computer, but I really don't know where to actually start.