Friday, December 04, 2009

Didn't See This One Coming

My aunt & cousin's younger boxer, Brindi, died today. She was only 5 years old, was seemingly in fine health, had a seizure and passed away. Please fill your pets to bursting with treats and love today, please.


  1. well. shitfuckdamn.
    done. and done.

  2. Anonymous12:33 AM

    I'm so sorry. I lost a cat that way once & it was incredibly hard. One moment she was fine & the next gone.

    The dog & cat here will be getting even more treats than normal in honor of Brindi.

  3. Wow, that's rough. Daisy has been "extra treated" today in remembrance.

  4. by extra treats does that mean eating a lampshade? because Sammy is doing just that right now.
    nutjobs. my cats are nutjobs. but I am thankful for them

  5. Wow, super sad. So sorry. I'll give Bobby extra cabbage and beets tonight, because those are his new faves.