Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Fare Thee Well My Good Girl

 Today, after a slow but irreversible decline, JRH's Beagle, Heidi, had her date with destiny.
 Fare thee well, pretty girl. You are sorely missed.
You all know the drill, extra treats for everyone, don't make them stretch their necks out reaching, either.


  1. Oh, I am so sorry. You have been close to a lot of these lately, and it must resonate very deeply for you.

    When we send Mr. Lumpy off to the dogbed in the sky, our vet made a housecall and we sat with him and patted him until he departed.

    We will give Jack some lovely treats and whisper Heidi's name.

  2. All the kittys get extra moist food today. . . I'm sooo sorry my dear. Much love coming your way.

  3. It's been a rough year for the dogs in your life - so sorry for that. Extra treats for Daisy today.

  4. I'm sorry, Honey.

    We're watching Toeses closely; we think he may be preparing to leave us, too. It sucks when they all get old right around the same time...

  5. Anonymous7:40 PM

    So sorry. Since I have not gotten myself a new dog since Daisy left, I'll give myself extra ice cream.

  6. I had a beagle named Odie. He was 16 yrs old when he finally passed. He was my first dog and the only one until we finally got Hooper. That dog set a pretty high standard.

    I'm sure Heidi will be missed just as much. Loosing them really sucks.