Friday, December 04, 2009

On The Road Again

My trip to IN fell through. Did I tell you that? While I was in WI I got a call that a number of people involved in the evening had been forced to drop out due to circumstances beyond their control. They aren't my stories to tell but, quite seriously, there wasn't a bad excuse among them. So I am not right now panicking over learning lines and riding in a car with a friend and a near stranger for upwards of twelve hours. I have instead gone back to Plan A.

Plan A was devised and nearly executed mere hours before the offer to go to IN came in on the cell phone. I felt terrible asking if Plan A could take a back seat to the theatre trip even though it was a fabulous chance to do some work I've really been wanting to do. But here we are back to Plan A so terribleness can be dissolved.

Plan A involves being on the top deck of a double decker bus writing to you wireless while I trundle northward to Syracuse. I'm off to visit ChemE for the weekend. Apparently now that my dog is dead I'm a weekend trip sort of a person. (Next stop? ATLANTIC CITY!) Once I arrive in the frozen north we'll probably walk the pesty dog and then the cooking will begin. We're going to cook stuffed shells and chocolate cake and Christmas cookies and rum balls and who knows what else.

I'm really, really, really hoping that we'll also see Santa. Apparently he comes through the neighborhood accompanied by an entourage of local firefighters on a random Saturday in December. There's no warning until the fire trucks roll through and everyone grabs shoes and coats over their PJs and pelts after Santa on a flat bed truck. Oh please oh please oh please oh please oh please let it be tomorrow. My camera is charged and ready.

What are y'all doing this weekend?


  1. Well well well, Miss Get-around-town! Good on ya. I'm glad you're heading out for the weekend! Myself...I am staying in the house. tonight. tomorrow night. staying in. Sunday I have play committee and auditions. Monday is more of nothing. Hope to get a few of the cats to the vet today...if it doesnt happen today, it will be Monday.
    Have a beautiful weekend my dear. Muah!

  2. It's Freaky Friday, it's like we've switched personalities! xo

  3. It's sadly freeing, the loss of a pet. Suddenly you can do things without taking the pet into consideration - which of course you did not mind doing at all, but it is a liberation.

    My weekend plans? Going to the gym tomorrow morning, watching Nebraska (hopefully) beat Texas tomorrow night, church Sunday. *yawn*

    Enjoy the weekend - here's hoping you see Santa!

  4. You know how I (don't really) clean my apartment every weekend. I'll be (not) doing that again this weekend.

    No plans. First weekend without a plan. I hate that feeling.

  5. Plain and simple fun.
    I like that.

  6. MMMMM! Stuffed shells and rum balls! How can that be bad!

    I'll send good Santa energy your way!

    My weekend will be pretty low-key and will likely involve laundry, grading, and sleeping in...

  7. May I have a slice of cake please? I saw Mrs. Claus yesterday! Santa was resting up, I think.

    I have class all weekend. Blah.