Thursday, December 10, 2009


I went out and combined some work errands with some personal, seasonal kinds of errands. In my travels I discovered that Bide-a-wee, a local no kill animal shelter, has taken over a nearby storefront to sell paraphernalia, offer pet portraits and encourage pet adoption during the season of spending. There's a sign on the door saying "Come in!" and minimal supervision so in I went. At 40 years of age you'd think I'd know better. A very Lorry-esque cat lounged just out of reach in a big cage and 2 puppies frolicked in one of those enclosures that were used as playpens for human kids when I was young.

The puppies were a big draw, of course, with many a cell phone picture being taken. The smaller one was a labrawhatever and the other one was a houndeesomethingorother. I finally got a moment with them and I leaned over to pet. The houndee was a big buttinsky, didn't like the other dog getting more attention so I spoiled him a little while the labrawhatever got attention elsewhere. Houndee was so happy he reached around and nibbled my jacket sleeve. I stopped petting, said no and waited and he immediately got the message because he wanted more petting. I was happy to oblige. A few moments later a woman came in and stood beside me to join in the petting. When houndee nibbled her pin-neat houndstooth sleeve she said no, retracted her arm carefully and stood up. The petting was over. She said to me, "I once got a dog because I thought it was cute that he went after me biting like that. Didn't go well." I did not say, "You think?" I just kept petting.

A little while later I donated a couple of bucks and exited at a jog.

If you leave the shelter crying and wanting to punch that ignorant wench in the Burberry clad tit it's probably too soon to get a new dog.


I mean, I'm no expert but...



  1. I got bit by a dog named Benji last night.
    That is all.

  2. I never liked those movies anyway.

    It's not going to affect your base drum playing or unicycle riding, is it?

  3. What it DOES do for you, other that reinforce the "not ready yet" is tell you that you are able to connect with an available puppy. Those fun ones in Wisc, yes sure, they love you but they are taken.'s nice to know you can unlock and be nibbled on a bit.

    but yeah. punch the burberry.
    i mean. as a rule in general. but certainly in this instance.

  4. That depends on where she got bit, right?

    And, yeah, probably.