Saturday, December 19, 2009

Snowpocalypse Report

Wind: Fierce

Snowflakes: Tiny and multitudinous

Driving conditions: Dismal

Walking conditions: Perfectly fine (with 17 layers of clothes on and wind at back)

Accumulation: Minimal but increasing (hard to tell, see above re: wind)

People who are out without hats because they thought the hat would would ruin their hair: Thwarted

Children not wearing gloves and not putting their hands in their pockets: Killing me

Conclusions: Yep, it's a snowstorm all right and yet...I think we'll survive.


  1. According to Mr. Chili (who's been checking in with The Weather Channel), we're going to miss the worst of this. Boston is going to get HAMMERED, though. I THOUGH Bruder was coming in tomorrow - turns out it's actually Tuesday that he's arriving. Phew!

  2. Even if he was coming in tomorrow he wouldn't be coming in tomorrow. Much better that the plan is for Tuesday.

  3. Wearing a hat makes a HUGE difference in how warm you are. I know this because I am typically not a hat wearer - and I've learned.

    Oh, I am a little jealous of you, but in fact I just took a walk in the Santa Monica mountains and the temperature was 77.

  4. I love a good snow stroll; with hat and gloves, of course.

  5. *sticking my tongue out at g*