Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Tenny Ten Ten Ten Tennyson?

I thought I should theme and then I couldn't get behind it so no theme just 10 Things.

1. I think I'm going to buy my wreath today since I'll be around to enjoy it now. It's the only seriously festive thing I do this time of year but I like the way it smells.

2. I re-posted my pro-Choice piece at the Colony yesterday (please disregard the fact that I put one photo in twice, if it bugs you please know that it bugs me about 1000 times more I am livid with myself). The discussion is pretty good, slightly infuriating (for all sides, I'm sure) but polite. Also, for all you teachers out there Mrs. G is feeling your pain. Aaryn's all over race & childrens' books and NJ's opportunity to do the right thing.

3. ChemE sent me home with a tin of cookies for me to share with Pony Express, who had taken care of my delicate felines while I was away. I really need to get her share of cookies to her ASAP. They are in grave danger.

4. Why can I not start Outlander? I keep bringing it places and doing my best and then I'll just be overwhelmed and start something else instead. What is up with that?

5. One of the things I read instead was an anthology of Sarah Ruhl's plays. I like them all a lot but the final one, Eurydice, just exploded inside me. I want to do that play, I want to be that woman, I want want WANT!

6. There are a lot of open slots still on my Christmas giving spreadsheet but I feel less worried about them since I got everything I wanted to get for ChemE before I went to see her and I know what I'm getting most of the kids. I always assume the kids I know will have been given the classics (by my definition) by their other, cooler relatives. It's almost never the case. And thank goodness for that!

7. I feel I should be given some sort of medal for not turning into my mother and completely spoiling Poochie La Peste (pictured above) this weekend. When she came zipping into my room in the morning and stood on her hind legs to see if I was in the bed still I very much wanted to scoop her up under the covers and snuggle her until she submitted to the delights of the down comforter but that would have been way against the rules so I did not. I spent a lot of time talking to her and petting her and laying around on the floor to snuggle her (if you're on the floor you're in dog territory, it's within the rules). I just think that if she gets snuggled consistently it will help her nerves. (She's an Oscar-worthy drama queen, oh my heavens to Betsy Ross!) I am probably wrong but I still think it.

8. There's a hole in my shirt. It's a cheap ass shirt and I made the hole myself using it to shield my hands when I was opening a bottle cap but I forgot about it and am now wearing it to work. I feel like an ass.

9. I have listened to the high rise fire safety lecture every six months for approximately 7 years now. If I ever lose my job do you think I can get one going around to high rises and running the fire drills?

10. Today one of my tasks is to set up the holiday lunch for my "company." My company is me and the 2 people I work for. It's a holiday lunch not in the party sense but in the "we'd like to take you to lunch" sense. And the trouble with being the only wage-earning worker in the company is that I have to set it up. It's no trouble, I don't mind setting it up and it's really nice that they take me to lunch but it's slightly....awkward, you know? Now I need to decide where we should go. The place with the fabulous mac & cheese we went to last year? Some place new? The fish place from 2 years ago? Hmmmm, suggestions are welcomed.


  1. That you cannot get into Outlander is something that I simply can't wrap my brain around. This series is my "deserted island" answer for the "what books would you bring" question. Seriously.

    Now I'm off to read the teacher links you put up...

  2. Ok. Outlander is big. It's dense. It's a titch slow. Especially at the beginning. sllllooooooowwwww. But if you can just do it. Skim till it grabs you then go back if you have to...if you can just dip your foot into the water....KABAM! that hand will come up out of it and pull you down into the delicious warm scottishness that makes you roll your r's and wish for a red headed moist maker for your very own.

    true story.

  3. Thanks for the heads up about Aaryn's list. It's a genre I scarf up and she had some great new suggestions that we don't have.

    BTW, is that Girls Guide to Hunting and Fishing that I see in your goodreads sidebar? Please tell me no.

  4. mmmmm. redheaded moist maker...

    Dear Santa,

    I've been a very good girl...

  5. Not sure I've been clear about Outlander. It's not like I've been getting through the first page and giving up. I haven't been able to make myself crack the cover open! What's up with that?

    I know you love it and all but I will be mightily surprised if it replaces Lymond in my heart. I do expect to love it, though.

    JRH, it's on there because I've read it. If you click through you'll be able to see my rating for it which accurately reflects your beliefs about me, I promise. I remain baffled by how many people loved that book to the moon and back.

  6. Yikes, that would be a little awkward to set up your own company lunch. I mean, do they give you price range parameters? I would be afraid to go too expensive and we'd all end up at IHOP or something.