Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thank You

You guys did well. A conclusion is coming. We've had word that Jen is brain dead and probably has been since the moment she collapsed at dinner last night. Wheels are being set in motion to remove her from the machinery and we'll see what happens next.

These pictures are from the last big family reunion I went to, which is probably the last time I saw Jen. Must have been 2005. The little one at the top is her daughter who is, surely, the one who needs us now. (On the bottom you can see my mom in the background taking one last pass at the buffet. Earlier that day while we perused the desserts I said, sotto voce, to the immediate family, "I wonder who brought the eclairs. I need to know if they're the good kind." Jen piped up, "I brought them and they've got the good stuff inside. They aren't the icky whipped cream kind!" We didn't have much in common but we had stuff like that.)

I hope that you're all well and safe tonight. Thank you for all your help.


  1. Jen's loved ones, especially her little girl, are firmly in my thoughts.

  2. Thinking of all of you tonight.

  3. Love coming to you and your family. I'll vibe hard today...

  4. Sending healing energy your way...