Thursday, January 07, 2010

I Know You're Not Supposed To

I know that around the holidays and your birthday it's treason to buy yourself gifts and yet sometimes I do. I try to contain it to things that no one else is likely to know about in any fashion. So I bought myself this tiny portrait and I didn't tell anyone about it. I've been bursting to tell but have waited and now I just can't wait any longer.

I don't know why it spoke to me so strongly but the idea of having a small painted image (this is a printed repro but still a painted image in some sense) on canvas just thrilled me and the portraits were something I wanted to look at all the time. I kept surfing back to Etsy to gaze longingly at the images until I realized that $24 wasn't so large a price to pay for something that was clearly giving me so much pleasure and inspiration.

I love all the women but especially the three Naomi images.

If I were going to splurge on another one right away it'd probably be this one.

Of course the perspective on these two is intriguing as well.

This one makes me feel free and this one makes me nostalgic and this one makes me wish somehow I were her, which is odd.

Over time I see myself with a whole display of them somewhere. Probably on one of the small walls in my bedroom. I'm sure my decorator will think that's nuts but I like it and I like buying "real" "art" (whatever that is). And I like the way they make me feel.

Have you snuck yourself a treat lately? Where can I find it?


  1. Very cool! I love that you bought it and are going back to buy more. I recently treated myself to a necklace that looks like a DNA model. It's goofy and plastic and was only $12 but it made me so happy.

  2. I like it! Money well spent. The one I want is over $500. I WILL own it some day.

    Right now my treat is a double chocolate cookie. Does that count?

  3. Y'know, I don't particularly care for these individually (I do like 'Rimma' and 'Old Paper') but I really like the idea of hanging them together. I think the "collage" would be very interesting.

    I haven't treated myself lately but I am working up to my annual splurge on philosophy ( products. Less than $150 will keep me in facial nirvana for months and months but that's a major splurge for me so every year I have to decide if that's really where I want that money to go.

  4. I bought myself 2 t-shirts from for $10 each. Stolen Bike and Animals with Eyepatches.
    I'm worth $20 bucks and a laugh.