Sunday, January 17, 2010

Item By Item

I've started to make THE LIST but feel stalled. Perhaps I'm having trouble concentrating. In any case I wanted to post this partial version of THE LIST and see if you could think of anything I've left off.

1. Say yes

2. Buy Flash - DONE

3. Write a book

4. Singing lessons regularly  - A friend has gifted me with a lesson with a teacher she loves, I'm looking forward to that as a good start

5. Perform

6. Fix house - TS comes tomorrow to start this, I'll post about what's happening, I promise.

7. Commit to writing and administration work for The Women's Colony for one year (I write twice per week and have agree to set up and oversee Twitter & Facebook for the site.)

8. Plan Italy trip

9. Renew passport

10. Go to Blogher - August, buy ticket by Feb early bird deadline

11. Write Aunt Rena once a week - made some cards for this purpose today

12. Sign up for some online dating site

13. Go on enough dates to judge the dating site

14. At least one session with the fabulous PT, Shelley

15. Write a Life List (per the Maggie Mason model)

16. Take Flash class (whoops, that should be up at #3) - January 30, I've signed up and been confirmed

17. Attend live theatre - already seen Let Me Down Easy and In The Next Room, am going to see the new Ping Chong piece next week, planning to see Reduced Shakespeare with Alita and her mom in March, and my boss is giving me tickets to my choice of show (and dinner) for me and a friend as a birthday gift. There's so much I want to see.

18. Mermaid Parade - June

19. Take Alita bowling

What else? There has to be more. Or does there?

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