Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Let Us Review: or Twelve Things Tuesday

I like to peek back over a year of posts. Sometimes it's flattering, sometimes not so much. I give you the first line of the first post of each month in the recently completed year, 2009:

January: I feel like I should say something about the new year.

FebruaryI just wanted to let you know that I am not bleeding to death from the crotchular area.

March(Not a typo, it's something my mom used to say. She probably got it from her dad.)

AprilTeddy's tests came back negative which means that the slim possibility of life threatening organ failure has been eliminated.

May: (All morning)What will I write about today? 

June: On Sunday someone I hadn't seen in about three years asked me, "What are you up to?"

July: My fine finned friend is feeling a little under the weather. Please send healing vibes.

August: I want us to do a little exercise here.

September: 1. I'm going to wait out the whole Facebook stalking possibility thing a little bit longer.  

October: I need to write today. 

November: What better way to kick off a month than by bursting into tears, right? 

December: 1. Today is World AIDS Day.

Wow, I have to say, not a lot of inspiring first lines there. Some of them are good posts and I KNOW there are good posts in the course of the year (law of averages) but I might need to work on my hook for heaven's sake!


  1. I like reading it all together like one entry.

  2. It's like spam selling nothing.

  3. I forgot that you do this. I thought you were summing up each month with one line. I like the post. All the end of year stuff you line up and out... Where is the list? The big one! No pressure. Just curious as to what you expect/hope/desire/wish from yourself in the New Year!