Friday, January 08, 2010

Title Of Song From Les Mis

This is the last day that I am 40.

I think going back to Floor Barre for the first time since before Christmas will likely highlight that fact with excruciating clarity. Since it's snowing out (and I'll be within 3 blocks of the shoe store) I'll buy my boots, finally. If all goes well the treat of the day will be my very first 3D movie ever, Avatar, and we're doing it IMAX style.

In other words, kind of a regular Friday.

I don't love turning the 1 of a decade. It's sad and boring and old.

Can't stop it, though, so I guess, whatever I do today, I'll turn 41 tomorrow and some stuff will happen. Maybe it'll be good, right?


  1. In a perfect world I would be flying in tonight, just for a quick weekend in the city...concrete jungle where dreams are made of...Let me know what you think about avatar. all my snobby movie friends here are...well. no one is at a loss discussing it.

    good for you going back to class.
    good for you buying yourself boots.
    good for you being on this earth for another year.
    this year is the year you are daily reminded that YOU'RE NUMBER ONE! YOU'RE NUMBER ONE! YOU'RE NUMBER ONE!

    (i hate that my gift is yet to be mailed. gross. I am a gross friend.)

  2. While I understand the feeling of the "1" of a decade being lame, I can't bring myself to agree, exactly. The last year has taught me (in technicolor, in fact) that EVERY year is pretty damned special. You're still here; you're still upright, breathing in and out, and taking in nourishment. That, my friend, is something to celebrate!

  3. You are a delight. And 41 years ago tomorrow a great thing did happen... YOU! If I were there I would so make you the best Yankee clam chowder you've ever had!

  4. Of course it will be good! Happy birthday!

  5. Happy Day Before Your Birthday! I will eagerly be awaiting your review of "Avatar."