Friday, January 22, 2010

Wishes and Horses and Bucking Broncos

Sometimes....oh sometimes I wish I'd decided to blog fully clothed. I see swathes of dark velvet anonymity and they would be soft and warm and comforting.

But I didn't. I blog naked and I'm too lazy to change.

Which makes times like this really hard because...there's a lot of shit I'd be saying weren't reading. And there's some stuff I'm going to wind up saying anyway, it's just going to be quite the Bronc ride to get it out.

Short answer: I made myself a profile on

What's going on with you that you need to talk about but can't? Go anonymous if you want and tell me how luscious it is.


  1. Good luck on! Be sure to fill us in on all the details.

  2. I was JUST thinking about this idea the other day. Sometimes, I wish I didn't know so many of the people who read me, because it DOES keep me from saying some things I really want to say...

  3. Match worked for us! Keep me posted. We got something going on but we can't talk about it just yet. Maybe I'll fill you in later in the day.

  4. She is out of the gate and off and running! Woo hoo! Its a great day to be alive! I've wished this wish for you for so long.
    You are great! So much to give... so worthy!
    I just know its going to be spectacular!
    You have all of my support.

  5. Miflohny9:43 PM

    Congrats! Best best wishes of the best outcomes for you from this leap!

  6. Anonymous11:00 PM

    In this techno life it's almost impossible to be anonymous and honest. Employers can find out, friends and lovers can find out, pet adoption agencies can find out...good grief, when to we ever get to share one on one conversation time?

    I'm with Mrs. Chili on this one. I do hope to someday meet the Chili clan but wouldn't want our preconceived notions about each other to get in the way of actually liking each other.

    As much as is possible in this sphere, we are all interconnected, kind of like family. As in so many families, we can accept each others foibles and agree to disagree. The answer is "love you anyway".

    That's true. Hope works for you

    That, and you get Maggie.

  7. You know how I feel about dating sites. They're great. If you're a busy professional (or not even that busy or professional), why not have some help getting out of the house and getting your groove on?

    It's nice. It's flattering. It gets you into that mode of being 'available'. I know many couples (us included) who have met through a dating site and have deep, committed relationships. Great for you!

    About anonymity...this is interesting because I have thought recently about telling people I know about my blog. I've told a very small handful of friends and my parents, but not a large portion of coworkers and ex-coworkers and other friends. But then, I don't write so personally as you do.

    It must be awkward sometimes when you talk about something in real life, knowing the person you're talking to might already know about your thoughts. I empathize.