Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Yes, Yes, 10 Times Yes!

1. I said yes to meeting this lovely little Rottie mix. She's an omega dog, she's in a workable but not wonderful home situation and we're meeting on neutral ground Thursday night around 6:30.

2. That fourth string of bowling. Alita deemed my bowling birthday brunch "Best. Brunch. Ever!" She was  having a super time and really wanted to bowl one more string. Well, how could I say anything but?

3. Dinner on my birthday with Kath & Alex at the lovely little Italian place around the corner from my house. Then I said yes to bow tie pasta with salmon and a pink cream sauce. Delectable. Thank you for dinner Kath!

4. Home renovations. Before Christmas I asked Tom to come and do an estimate. When I got the estimate after the new year it was less than I expected and yet seen in print seemed like so much. (Under $2,000 to fix a lot of wonderful little things around the joint. It's a reasonable, nay, superb price for the issues at hand.) I finally said yes and today we went shopping at Home Despot for some of the materials. I'm excited!

5. The flash class at ICP I've been wavering about. Have yet to be able to sign onto the site and sign up, I really hope it isn't filled but I've been trying!

6. Buying the flash outright. I can do it.

7. A generous birthday gift of a singing lesson with a highly recommended teacher. It seems like way too much and yet my friend offered genuinely and I really want it so I said yes and took steps to take her up on it.

8. New boots! I bought my Blundstone's on Friday, got fancy shearling insoles for them, too.

9. My delicious, long sleeping bag coat of comfort and joy.

10. I'll admit this last one might be the dark side of The Year of Yes but it's the truth and I had to tell you the truth. I said yes to spending hours this weekend scanning old photos and posting them. I was supposed to be writing or cooking or doing laundry but I really wanted to do this silly little thing and it was my birthday weekend so I said yes and did it. And it was fun.


  1. My heart just LURCHED at number one!!! I love all ten of these things. Your Year of Yes is making ME very happy!!!

  2. YES! Tell me more about the Rottie mix. Sorry I missed bowling, I really wanted to go. Instead, I laid on the couch and watched the worst Vin Diesel movie of all time (take a guess).

  3. #1 is making my heart lurch and my eyes leak all the damn time. Trying to treat it like a first date, "All you have to decide is whether you want to have a second." Having limited success.

    Signed up for the flash class this morning before work!

    Is XXX the movie, Kath? No, no, no, the one about the dads who run the daycare, that has to be worse! Are you talking about Scorpion King? Can't be the worst! And I think when this dumbass tooth fairy movie comes out it will take top honors with ease.

  4. Does a good Vin Diesel movie exist??

    Wonderful yesses, all of them! I'm drooling over the idea of pasta with salmon and pink cream sauce.

  5. Kizz, you are confusing Vin Diesel with The Rock. Totally understandable, they are virtually interchangeable lunkheads except for one thing: THAT VOICE. I will watch any Vin Diesel movie, including the abominable Babylon A.D. (oh yes I did) in order to hear his amazing, sexalicious voice. So, there you have it, I am a voice slut.

  6. Want to hear morea bout the Rottie!! But remember, don't fall in love on the rebound - make sure she's right for you. We took our time before we adopted Jack - don't make the wrong choice.

  7. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha....confusing vin with the rock.
    that made my night.

  8. Happiest of birthdays, Kizz! Sending hugs your way. Love your Year of Yes.

  9. I hope you enjoy your meeting with the dog goes well! Also, yay about getting that flsh and how cool is it to be doing some reno of your apartment? What will you be doing??

  10. I'll post re: the dog and the apartment. The apartment things are small but significant, mostly in the bathroom. I want to love this dog and don't want to love her in equal measure. Very nervous.