Monday, February 08, 2010

Admissions Expert

So, I'm on the weight loss bandwagon again. Figure I just have to get that information out in the world.

NDP convinced me to be her weight loss buddy again. We weighed in for the first time last Thurs morning. 141. That's in pounds. So, 16 back from my original WW goal weight, which I reached, and 11 or 12 from the weight I felt was comfortable.

I haven't signed back up for WW so I'm kind of winging it on the points and whatnot (anyone who wants to just give away their sign in info for their online account just so I can calculate the points of stuff could surely expect some sort of gift from me). I made myself a points tracker which I keep in Google docs and I've started using that again.

I cooked all my food for the week, which should help some. I had Bobby with me all weekend which definitely helped a lot because I got more exercise this weekend than I did when I had my own dog. NDP and I will be walking each Thurs evening. I'll stop taking the bus from the train again. I just have to get back into all those little habits.


So, yeah, the blinding rage part of the weight loss process has set in at this point. It'll pass, I suppose. It  has to 'cause I'm not buying a whole new wardrobe.



  1. I started the year off strong and have since fallen. face first. into a vat of velveeta.
    use the rage to spur you on. I am SO proud of you!

  2. Oh, baby, I could use a little rage! I was doing so well but the last three weeks have me sunk. I haven't been to the gym in 11 days and can't seem to stop eating...anything!

    Today is my birthday but I won't have cake until Saturday (damn you, Mother Nature!!) so I'm planning to catch the bandwagon early next week.

    Good luck to you, NDP, and me!