Friday, February 26, 2010

Baby Seals, Penises, Snow

Left work early last night, because I could and because it was snowing. Not sticking but snowing a lot. I made my way in the stickier snow to Kath's and she fed me because she is awesome. We watched the Olympics and tortured the pets and ate some chocolate. Alex and Bobby walked me part way home. The snow was sticking, it was heavy and wet and the wind was picking up and I'd read a post about a man killed by a falling tree in Central Park. Before bed I thought, "You know, I think I might call myself a snow day tomorrow but I'd better wait and see what happens."

This morning I turned over in bed before I opened my eyes. I happened to turn toward the window. The windows are open in my apartment 99% of the time. (There's a reason, you don't need to know it.) I opened my eyes when I felt a light spray of snow on my face.

While I was still in bed.

So I called a snow day. No class, no movie, no rehearsal. Those were the things I had planned for not just the day but the whole weekend. If I don't really want to I can stay inside my apartment for the whole weekend. That's starting to feel like a really nice idea.

You know what else I might do? I might take the weekend off from the internet. I have had a week. More than a week, really, and right now I want to cut off the internet's dick, sharpen it to a point and stab the internet through the eye with it.

We might need to take a break.

Who knows, maybe I'll miss it so much I'll be compelled to come back before Monday. Maybe something so profound and delightful will happen that not sharing would be a crime against nature. Here. In my house. With the shades drawn. For now, though, I've done all my internet work and I've answered most of my e-mail and I have not, in fact, clubbed the internet with a baby seal so it looks like Miller time.

You all be careful out there. And have a good time.

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  1. Wow, the internet is glad that she's girl!