Tuesday, February 16, 2010


10 Things Olympian for our fun. Keep in mind I'm writing this before seeing all of the competition for Monday the 15th.

1. How does one's brain adjust to living a life where hundredths of a second are the difference between fulfilling your chosen purpose or not?

2. The figure skating judging is confusing. The judging for the short program certainly seemed corrupt to me and I learned today from Dick Button that you get more credit it you grab your skate in a move. So what used to be a pretty death spiral is now all twisted up but garners more points. Why?

3. All this hoopla would be a lot less fun if I didn't have a DVR. There's a lot of chaff that's nice to be able to skip.

4. This is the first year I've watched the moguls. Among other things they look like an ortho surgeons wet dream.

5. When I saw Shaun White at Mt. Hood this summer I didn't realize how famous he was. I said I did but I didn't. Now I'm clearer on the subject.

6. Correct me if I'm wrong but it seems as though these Snowboard Cross guys aren't wearing snow pants, they're wearing jeans!

7. I'm so glad that the Canadians have won a gold medal on home soil. I hated all the pressure that was being piled on the athletes with every repetition of the trivia that Canada didn't have one yet.

8. Short track speed skating is ridiculously unpredictable. Not to mention a marvel of physics.

9. Back to figure skating, both US pairs train in FL. I know that we're all technological and whatnot so we don't have to live in the same climate from which our sport arose but to train in a place that would almost never see natural conditions for the sport seems weird to me. What do you think?

10. If you were an Olympian whose events would wrap up in the first few days of the festivities would you stay until the end to soak up the experience or go home before the closing ceremonies?


  1. My DVR wins the Olympic gold medal!

  2. Today while I sit at work my DVR is recording the afternoon session. And I haven't even finished watching last night's evening session yet. I may soon need an intervention. Want to come over and intervene?

  3. Holy shit, there's an afternoon session?? I've been watching live in the evenings and saving all of my regular, DVR'd shows for apres-Olympics viewing. Dammit, I'll have to set the DVR for the afternoons now and I'll never catch up on my nighttime dramas!

    Completely agree on
    #2 - I miss the reading of the individual scores
    #4 - I only watched a few minutes because all I could think was "ow ow ow ow ow"
    #8 - I surprise myself by how wound up I get watching them race around that tiny little oval

    I am all about the pageantry so I would definitely stay until the end.

  4. What are you talking about(aboot)?

  5. Violet, yeah, this is what I'm saying. I'm about to OD on the Olympics. It could get messy. Re: #8, I yell at the screen all the time, or talk to the announcers like I'm part of their conversation.

    Chrome, nicely turned.

  6. 1. You just do.

    9. Yep.

    10. Depends on the location. (And who's paying.) Vancouver? Sure. Paris? You bet? Atlanta? See ya.