Tuesday, February 09, 2010

I Should Have Waited To Post This Until The 13th*

Apparently it's going to be a week of confessing stuff. Stay tuned, I've done a lot of stupid shit in my day. Probably in your day, too.

I officially decided not to adopt Maggie the Wonder Dog. Many of you are likely not at all surprised. I'm not too surprised either but I do feel sort of terrible about it, as can happen even with "right" decisions. It's me, not her. She's great and she'd have been a fine addition to the menagerie but I didn't want her. (That sounds approximately 1000 times worse than I mean it.) I want to want her but I don't and that's just not right.

There's a decent possibility she'll go to live with a family in the area who already has a dog. I think she'd like that. She seems to really like having another dog to take her cues from. There are a couple of other possibilities as well if that one doesn't work out. She'll land on her feet, that one.

Just wanted you to know.

*Apparently studies have shown that a plethora of break ups occur on the 13th so people don't have to shell out for VD celebrations with someone they can't stand.


  1. Im in the category of not surprised. But I'm glad you made the final decision. The thing is...and I do believe this...you weren't her mama. That was NOT her home. And she'll get to her home soon enough. She will. But you weren't it. She wasn't it for you either. So. fair is fair. Better than spending the next umpteen eleventy years with the proverbial square peg in the round hole.

    Glad you decided.

  2. I bet you feel a lot better now that you've made this decision. Zelda is right, you just weren't the right person for her. She'll find her person. And the right dog WILL come along for you.

  3. Eh. You know what they say - love is like porn; you know it when you see it (wait... is that what they say?). Anyway, I have no doubt that the right pooch will find you. When s/he does, you'll know it, and nothing will stop you.

  4. It'll happen when it's time.