Saturday, March 06, 2010


Had a composting fail today. Apparently you can only compost if you get out of the house early. Hmph.

It put me in mind of another epic fail of mine. You see, until I went to college I was never instrumental in a moving of house, as it were. We moved twice when I was a kid, once to the UK and once back from it, but I was a kid so I didn't have to do anything about it. So I hadn't had a lot of practice, is what I'm saying.

Right before I graduated from college I packed up all my things and a friend who was good at moving came to help put it all on the truck. She took one look around and said, "I can't do anything with this."

I had a method. I always have a method it just usually isn't one that works. It seemed dangerous to pack all the fragile things in one box. I mean, you drop that box and all your fragile things are gone! So I'd proceeded to pack one fragile thing in each box, surrounded by sturdy things. Every box was marked fragile.

What's more? I had trouble working out what should fit in what size box. Something was invariably sticking out the top of a box so I'd toss the top away and think, "Well, this one will just go on top." All of my boxes were top boxes. There just wasn't anything for them to go on top of.

As time has gone on I've gotten better at moving.

But not much.


  1. loading and unloading Lee Perry's sets and pieces taught me how to pack a car. that and well...Dion.

  2. I moved every 12 to 18 months until my dad retired from the navy when I was 12. I do the moving thing really well. The setting down roots thing? Not so much.

    Are you moving??