Friday, March 12, 2010


I feel certain we've played this before but, hey, it's always a good game. When I'm trying to be careful of rewarding myself with food I sometimes buy myself a scratch off lottery ticket. The key here is not to scratch right away but to think seriously about what you'd do with it, really dream for a while, and then scratch it. That way, even if you don't win you have the present of your dreams.

I bought one that could yield $1,000 per week for life. (Cross your fingers.)

Often I say I'd quit my job but right now I think I'll keep it....for now. In December I'll probably see about cutting back to 2 days.

Mama wants new shoes and lots of 'em.

More money to Haiti and Cuba and the Humane Society and Donors Choose and a bunch of other places.

New glasses, even though they probably will be bifocals.

New, non-granny underwear and a couple of proper bras.

Ceiling fans.

Cleaning lady once a week.

Zip Car membership.

Go see Next to Normal, Fela!, The Fantastiks, Michael Feinstein, Wishful Drinking and many, many more.

A knit dress, I'm somehow fascinated by them right now.

Pay for all 4 of the proposed members of the mythical (but increasingly real) Italy trip.

Get my hair colored (thus making myself feel good and boosting the business of a small business owner that I love).

Big cocktail party with all my people. Catered. Natch.

Go to Portland, OR to see Todd in a play.

Visit Misti.

Visti Dion and see a bunch of Chicago theatre.

Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

New computer.


Rent a theatre for a month and produce a whole lot of material in it.

And much, much more. What frivolous (and important) things are you dreaming of? Feel free to come back if you remember something. I'll be driving and eating and drinking and visiting but I'll come back to you soon.


  1. The best part of a lottery ticket (well, besides winning, of course) is the dreaming.

    My wants are practical; finish the bathroom, re-side the house, landscaping, a back porch, college educations for the girls (and maybe another degree for me), travel, that sort of thing...

  2. I'm with Mrs. Chili - a lottery ticket is worth the entertainment value. That's why I only ever buy the one.