Monday, March 29, 2010

I Love These Days

I don't make any money off of my blogging or off of my photos. (Yet.) I pay a little attention to the stats anyway, though. It's nice, and sometimes necessary, to know who's out there tuning in. I add some of my photos to Flickr pools just for fun, to get some more feedback and commentary. The bonus feature on that, though, is the unexpected reaction of friends. An ex-co-worker commented on one of my photos a few months ago. We're contacts on Flickr but apparently he hadn't thought enough of my work to look at it until it was featured on Gothamist. He commented so I would know that Gothamist had featured me. I thanked him for the heads up and the praise. I also politely mentioned that Gothamist, Brownstoner, and Curbed actually like my stuff so I get a nod relatively regularly.

Last night Kath called. It was funny because I'd just e-mailed her a link to this. She wanted to tell me that Alex had been in their back room on the internet and suddenly yelled, "What is my dog doing on Gothamist?!" I love to surprise my folk.


  1. Great pic - the little one is a shiba inu and looks just like my Daisy!

  2. Ha! It was a truly meta moment! I wish you got paid for your photos, you are a gifted photographer and great organizer of your work.

  3. We have a small group of shiba enus. I always want to just sink my fingers into their fur.

    Thanks Kath! Someday, right? Someday.