Monday, March 01, 2010

Like A Curling Iron

Hit post on the last one and realized I'd left out curling entirely. Oopsie daisy! Above is Denmark's Madeleine Dupont.

Below we have US player Allison Pottinger and the team's skip, Debbie McCormick.


Canada's most eligible bachelor, curler and firefighter, John Morris, with his skip, Kevin Martin.

America's own Jason Smith throws a rock with precision.

Eve Muirhead, Great Britain's 19-year-old phenom.

The diminutive Kajsa Bergstrom (or Bergstroem according to some).

David Murdoch from Great Britain.

 Tweeter extraordinaire and US curler, Chris Plys.

The woman who simultaneously made me feel I had to learn to curl and that I would never be smart enough to do so well, Team Canada's skip, Cheryl Bernard.


  1. I barely got to watch the Olympics because of my lack of a TV, and the things I did see at the gym were men's hockey and women's snowboarding, neither of which gave me any opportunities to judge hotness.

    But that John Morris up there? Mmmmmmm hmmmmmm.

  2. I wasn't actually kidding about the Canada's most eligible bachelor thing. Single firefighter from Calgary. He curls so you know he's pretty smart, too. Also flexible. You've got a little time on your hands these days, perhaps you need a field trip?

  3. Almost every time I tuned in, curling was on. I don't get the sport at all and I was more than a bit miffed that it got so much air time. I felt like all the good stuff was on after my bedtime. Sigh.

  4. Curling IS the good stuff. I cannot more clearly express to you how awesome these women (and men, but mostly women) are. I don't completely understand the game either but I can't help but admire these intense and intensely intelligent ladies.