Monday, March 22, 2010

Thanks, Old Wives

I have some sinus issues. Given my family history I guess I've been lucky to have gone this long without really having to address them. The past few years, though, have been tough. I sometimes get headaches that are untouchable by any means at my disposal. I'm reluctant to try a lot of decongestants, especially systemic ones, because I battle the dehydration and nosebleed issues. I had one of these crippling headaches Saturday night and Sunday. I tried nasal spray and aleve and was about to go with an amateur craniotomy when I decided to go to Facebook for some help. Desperate times... My friend Kim said this:

"Eucalyptus oil or vicks on the soles of your feet, chest & under nose. Feet are the most important of this equation because large pores in feet carry the Eucalyptus through your system most fast. Had a boyfriend who knew all sorts of things like this & I'll tell you, I had congestion that I just could not deal with - he put Eucalyptus oil (diluted in some olive oil) on my feet & I was better in the morning."

I had heard about the soles of the feet thing but no one had ever told me why it worked. I often use it under the nose and on the facial sinuses because along with the inhalation benefits it's a topical analgesic so if you've got pressure that makes your forehead feel like it's bowing out Vick's can numb that pain. Somehow being told why the Vick's on the feet thing worked made me game to try it. So I grabbed a pair of dollar store socks and slathered some on (as well as some under the nose and across the bulging forehead).

Totally works.

Not instantaneously, certainly, but long term and well. Of course your feet tingle kind of weirdly because, topical analgesic, but a small price to pay for ceasing to wish that your face would just fall right off and put you out of your misery. I put some more on right before bed and I have only slight residual sinus issues this morning.

Bonus? The petroleum jelly cured my cracked heels, too!

Do tell, what crazy old wives' remedy do you swear by and why?

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  1. I'm SO GLAD you tried this!!! and doubly glad it worked and gave you some relief! I never knew "why" it worked but always heard that it did!