Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Beer Me

 That's Walter. Perhaps if you're not a dog person you don't think Walter is very cute. Maybe it's that he's in that gangly teenage period, maybe it's because you don't know how sweet pit bull mixes usually are or maybe it's because some devil incarnate doused Walter with gasoline or bleach or some other corrosive substance so his fur is nearly all gone.

Do you know what they did when that didn't "fix" him? ( I don't pretend to understand what "fix" would mean in their world.) They dumped him out of a moving vehicle onto a Brooklyn sidewalk.

The story gets happier now. A bartender picked him up and took him to the vet and found him a permanent home and started raising funds to get him to that home. Fur acts as part of the immune system for the canine set and without his fur (he's got mange which, presumably the gasoline was thought to cure) he's facing a host of problems.

He's a real Brooklyn dog now, though. He's got a blog and a Facebook page and one of the greater bars around is holding a fundraiser for him tonight. Kath, Bobby and I will be there and two of us will be downing some suds on Walter's behalf. Bobby (another dumped and rescued Brooklyn poochy Cinderella story) doesn't like beer. Which proves that Bob is full of surprises.


  1. Thank you Kizz. What a great story.
    We really need people like him... to change the image of the breed.
    Its not the dog... its the owner.

  2. My reader showed the picture of Walter (the Farting Dog? awesome book, btw) and "That's Walter. Perhaps if you're not a dog person you don't think Walter is very cute." As I clicked and waited for the page to load, I thought, "Walter isn't cute. He's gorgeous." What a sweet, sweet face!

    So glad to read that Walter's story is turning happy.

  3. Thanks again for walking in the rain to drink with me, even though (happily) Walter didn't really need our financial help in the end!

  4. It was a good night. Good to hang with you, good to see M, good to walk with the Bobster and especially good to have my leftover pad thai for lunch a little while ago. Thanks for prying me out of the house!

  5. Oh, I followed Walter's story, too! How nice that you also are following him. What a sweetie.