Sunday, April 18, 2010

Multiple Choice

I have strained whatever that muscle is that runs along the back of one's knee. For your homework today please select which answer best represents the source of this injury:

A. Running of a 5K race in today's sunny and slightly windy conditions.

B. Yoga.

C. Lying on the couch playing mahjong on the computer.

Your answer will comprise 100% of your grade.


  1. Heh. Kinda like how I threw my back out last week, huh? Sorry, Honey. Feel better.

  2. I'm going with C. Because a week ago I woke up with a sprained ankle that wasn't there when I went to sleep. So I understand how hazardous slothfulness can be.

  3. Miflohny1:52 PM

    I once woke up with a sprained knee that wasn't there when I went to sleep. The odd thing was that it didn't hurt at all - I just was unable to bend my knee much and it was swollen.