Monday, April 05, 2010

Traveling Shoes

It's probably time to tell you that I'm going to be traveling most of this week. Due to the death of a dear family friend I will be driving Bat Out of Hell-style in a northerly direction from Brooklyn very early tomorrow. I will commune with old friends (and babysitters and teachers and acquaintances and pillars of society), I will read aloud a verse from a book I've never fully read, I will eat mercy and I will, eventually, drive in a similar style but equal and opposite direction to return right here to my office chair by lunch time on Thursday.

It's all too familiar, this trip. I'm sort of used to it. As used as one can possibly be to something that is exactly the same and thoroughly different every time you try it. There are traditions and protocols and ways to make it all work, though. It's nice to see people and remember and laugh but it's not nice to know that she won't be with us, this time or any other.

I'll leave you some posts and thoughts. This space will not be empty.

It felt odd that you didn't know where I'd really be, though. It's the internet, I can be here from anywhere, know.

Enjoy your week. Bask in some sun, pet your fuzzy creatures, stick your hand out the window while you're driving. Absence will make our hearts grow fonder.



  1. Laurie B9:43 PM

    Drive safely and remember good memories. The family will want to hear them as they probably don't have the same recollection.

  2. Sorry for your loss. Be safe.