Thursday, May 06, 2010

Don't Be Late(d)

I didn't mean to skim over Auntie's birthday. We communicated privately and all on my own I gave a little shout out to the Powers That Be for having her around. (Thanks again, y'all, I appreciate it.) I did not, however, assemble a Hot People post for her. I didn't think she'd care. I haven't done a lot of Hot People posts lately and no one has peeped about it so I thought maybe no one gave a flying celebrity.

Ladies and germs, she cares!

So I am happy to oblige with a special, if belated, Hot People post in honor of my hot friend.

Tina Fey

Cheryl Bernard (left, grinning)

Christina Hendricks

Ginnifer Goodwin

Mary McCormack

Jada Pinkett Smith

Julia Mancuso

Lauren Graham

Lisa Edelstein

Sandra Oh

How was that? Do you feel celebrated properly or did I leave someone out?


  1. Mr. Chili and I popped the first disc of The West Wing last night and are watching the show again from the beginning (at an episode or two a night, it's going to take a while). I remember thinking, just last night,a bout how I felt about Ms. Edelstein. I'm not sure I find her attractive, though the rest of your choices certainly rank!

  2. Back in the days of WW and when she was guesting on Ally MacBeal and whatnot I didn't find her especially attractive but I've recently been watching reruns of House. She's an interesting and elegant woman and I like her more the more I see her.

  3. Thanks! Great job, as usual! And btw, I don't mind a hot dude every once in awhile.

    Your the best!


  4. I did try to think of a dude or two for you but, frankly, by the time I'd included all the hot women I wanted to it was already a pretty long entry. I'll try to think earlier and more craftily next year.

    Happy Belated Birthday!

  5. Mary McCormack, only if she promises to never wear her West Wing bangs ever again!

    I remember watching that Canada curler and thinking she was attractive! I wonder if Tina Fey has ever really seen herself. She's stunning.

    My parents just watched TWW from beginning to end via my DVD collection and simply loved it. I think it'll be my summer project. Chili, I still owe you a season or two, yes?