Tuesday, June 22, 2010

10 Things Yar!

So, about the Coney Island Mermaid Parade:

1. I'm slowly working on photos. The fledgling set is here. I'll be adding as time allows but I'm out of the house a lot this week.

2. Our entourage included a mechanical talking parrot. He was loved by one and all.

3. There's only one photo of me in full costume that I've seen and it's on MAB's facebook. (Aaaaand, I just stole it and pasted it in below.)

4. It was hot out there. HOT hot. Thirsty, crazy-making hot. I sweat all the way through a padded bra and velvet bustier. Sexy.

5. I burned slightly despite repeated applications of sunscreen.

6. Probably fully two-thirds of participants use parasols to ward off the rays. I thought I really needed to work that out for my costume next year but as I strode down the parade route waving with one hand, hefting my backpack on my back, taking photos with one hand, shouting and laughing I wondered exactly which hand would wield the parasol.

7. We have mentioned repeatedly to the child that the day will come when, after the 2 years that she's been ferried through the parade route, she's going to have to ferry us. She is unimpressed by our logic.

8. Putting my sweaty feet in the frigid north east waters after the parade was excruciating. When I got used to it, though, I almost couldn't make myself get out. I just stood there in one spot letting the tide bury my feet and waiting for the blessed coolness to travel through my vessels and up to my head.

9. A larger portion of our day than you'd expect was spent discussing the mechanics of pole dancing.

10. I cannot wait to show you the ladies with the pinwheel pasties!


  1. This so awesome. I love everything about the Mermaid Parade. You know, you could always get one of those parasol hats. 'Cause that's sexy.

  2. There was a guy selling them and I did consider it but felt it would compromise the integrity of my costume. And the Mermaid Parade is all about not compromising your integrity.

    Or something.

  3. Hey will you remind me of the origin of the mermaid parade? for some reason, I thought it was a thing your friend decided to just make up...i think i'm wrong. it seems to get bigger each year, yes?