Thursday, June 10, 2010

Hoop Jumping

Did I tell you I finally turned in the paperwork for my passport? I must have. I was pretty excited about it and I got a lot of reading done in the line when I dropped it off.

They promptly returned it.

The document sent home stapled to my little baby body in 1969 was insufficient for their purposes. I suppose one might have guessed they'd take issue with a legal document where my mother's age had been whited out to correct it.

So I had to send away to my town of origin to get a "real" birth certificate. Or a real copy. It arrived the other day and yesterday I took a copy for my own records and sent the "real" one off to the passport agency in hopes they will accept it.

I've just realized that I think it has my mother's age wrong on it. We'll see if they catch that.