Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Round Up

I don't know if there's enough in the starred file to make a list but why not try? Really, why not?

1. I've got news! I can't tell it yet, though. It's...weird. Next week.

2. Chookooloonks tweeted the link to this video last night. You know I never watch video but I watched this one and, wow, it's worth it. Betty White and Rue Maclanahan on the set of the Golden Girls waiting for their cue and passing the time telling each other dirty jokes. It's less than 3 minutes, stay until the final joke. Totally worth it.

3. I do not picnic. I like picnicking, nothing against it, just don't get much call for it. Does not stop me from desperately wanting this picnic basket. Wow.

4. It's Cabal Week over at Neil Gaiman's journal. Cabal is his gorgeous white German Shepherd. I am in love with Cabal. Go see how pretty he is and read his story of fortunate rescue.

5. So, if I'm reading this right Martin Luther King, Jr.'s niece is anti-choice. She runs a "charity" called "Freedom Rides" that advocates against choice and she...likens their protests to the civil rights protests of the 1960s led by her uncle. I've read it a couple of times. Every time it seems as though this is the case. But it can't be, right? Because that's fucking crazy. Right? (Feministing)

6. On a similar note Brazil is proving what pro-choice advocates have warned the US about. They've banned abortion and their heavily Catholic and anti-birth control power base has thrown its weight behind the ban. The result has not been an abolishing of abortions. It's been an increase in hospitalizations of women with injuries resulting from crappy, secret abortions. Way to go Brazil. There is one foolproof way to end all abortions. Kill all your women. There won't be any long-term problematic side effects from that, will there? (Also Feministing)

7. I've always said that I love living in NYC because you can have anything you want delivered to your door at any time of the day or night. That's a slight exaggeration but only very slight. Apparently there's another messenger service trying to make my dreams come true. I hope they make that business model work! (Gothamist)

8. Heather Champ, having departed gracefully from her job at Flickr, now has an Etsy store. It's got fun things in it. I love the No Talent Ass Clown cards but wouldn't waste such a beautiful thing on a no talent ass clown.

9. Do you read Mimi Smartypants? She usually writes each post with about 3 different sections. Check out the last section of this one if you've ever wished you could have punished some creep for bugging you at a bar. Simple, elegant and well executed.

10. I could have left you with a funny look at an artist teaching etiquette with humor. That wouldn't be my style at all, though, would it? Instead I point you toward the fact that some anti-choice teacher in Virginia has been giving fetus dolls to her THIRD GRADERS. Because I wouldn't want you to leave here without being incensed and you'll either be incensed that this woman is doing this or you'll be incensed at me for being incensed by it. You're welcome. (Feministing Again)

OK, so what are you finding on the internet today?

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  1. Anonymous1:21 PM

    5 - They're not the same. The real rides were fighting for freedom and for rights the Supreme Court confirmed. These rides are fighting against freedom and against rights the Supreme Court had confirmed.