Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Starburst (Not Fruit Chews)

Time to clear out the google reader starred file again. Lots of weird, cool, scary things to share.

1. Maggie wrote a list of things she wanted to tell her 20-something self. It ties in with a project where a 20-something blogger (Cassie Boorn) is asking older writers to write and share letters to themselves at 20. This project terrifies me. I'm afraid to even think about writing a letter because what if all the things I'd tell myself at 22 are the things I still need to tell myself at 42 (i.e. in six months!)?

2.  I do so wish I had said this first, "However, I do think that a world in which fewer people feel the need to get married is a better one." Amen! (via Feministing)

3. ChemE texted me last night, "Tornadoes to the North and West of us." A week ago she texted "Earthquake!" and then failed to reply to my returned message for a couple of hours. She lives in upstate NY. These sorts of repeated shouts are like the opening to a bad armageddon film. In the midst of all the bad news from everywhere (not just upstate NY) Chookooloonks posted a poem that makes her feel better. I especially like the stanza that begins, "Be yourself."

4. Chrome recommended Hyperbole & a Half to me about 30 seconds before the Women's Colony featured a post from the site. Chrome is not wrong. Nor is the Colony. This post about why the author will never feel like an adult is fucking Shakespearean in the universality of its theme. (OK, I actually suspect that a certain subset of you will not recognize this behavior at all and might even be appalled by it but if you're interested in why my life is like it is, this post will explain. And make you laugh.)

5. One of my major fails for our Mermaid Parade outing is that I misplaced my duct tape. I had gaff tape but duct fills another need that was left empty that day. I accidentally unearthed it on Sunday. Sigh. These cool prom-going kids would never make that mistake.

6. There's a spaghetti-o recall. Clear your cupboards! (I only like them with the little reconstituted meatballs.)

7. Speaking of Chrome, she made a video! I publicly apologize for not having watched it yet. I have questionable computer equipment at home and a complicated relationship with computer video. I am sure it is hilarious and promise to watch it soon. Cross my heart.

8. The Fug Girls did an Ascot head gear wrap up. I'd call them hats but there are very few proper hats here and a lot of hat-like contraptions. They're fabulous. Which one is your favorite? (The mere mention of The Royal Ascot always makes me think of The Ascot Gavotte from My Fair Lady.)

9. Do you live in Massachusetts? Congratulations, you can now get an anti-choice license plate. Grrrrrrrrrr! (Also via Feministing)

10. And let's end on a happy note, shall we? (Sorry.) So apparently there's this condom that women can wear if they anticipate being raped. When they are raped (so it's not a preventative) the condom...bites the penis and stays attached until removed by a professional. While the idea of that punishment is appealing on some level it doesn't really solve anything nor does it address rapists, just potential rape victims. I feel like...this is not the right avenue to be researching rape-crisis-wise. (Again, Feministing)


  1. JRHJr will fight you for the meatballs and you both can turn up your noses at the Os.

    That condom is definitely not a groundbreaking development in the rape crisis arena. However I see a huge future for it in the Getting Revenge on your Ex during One Last Fling department.

  2. efrex3:53 PM

    Re: #4: let's hear it for never growing up!
    Ten years of marriage, two kids, a full-time job, and I still don't think I've reached adulthood...

    Re: #10 (that condom...)
    All together now: Vagina Dentata; ain't no passin' craze (and am I ever glad that I never showed that comic to Jay... :) )

  3. I'll eat the o's with the meatballs but I'm not so fond of them on their own. The mix of textures makes them better.

    That last fling idea is not so bad.

    So, all day yesterday I had Hakuna Matata in my head. Jay would have done evil, evil things with that. It would have been wonderful!

  4. Forgive my ignorance, but in what circumstances are women anticipating rape? I noticed it was linked to South Africa - would wearing these be more common in an area that has war-related violence, including rape as a method of political domination?

    Or more common in women who've already been raped and are more hyper-aware of the possibility?

    I'm not knocking it, just wondering what the different circumstances are where a womean *anticipates* being raped - and chooses not to remove herself from the situation, or is unable to.

    I think of the "things I'd tell my 20-year-old self" lists in a pretty negative light. Mainly because they make me sad that some of my mistakes have caused me such major setbacks - and I can't change anything about it, I can only move on from here. I do, however, like looking at them in a different light - what do I want to teach my kids? What do I need to overtly and covertly instill in them, so maybe they will make a few less mistakes?