Sunday, June 13, 2010

This Is My Life

The Life List she is small but she is growing. Here's what she looks like so far:

1. Play the ukelele

2. Visit Italy

3. Visit South America

4. Visit Easter Island

5. Bring a show to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

6. Have a novel published

7. Perform on Broadway

8. Bowl candlepin again

9. See Todd in a play again

10. Beach vacation - warm

11. Go to the top of the Empire State Building

12. Be a buddy for an disabled NYC marathoner

13. Gallery show of my photos

14. Road trip across the US

15. Remove money as a concern (hat tip to Maggie and Karen)

16. Be paid for my writing

17. Develop an erotic fiction web site

18. Walk a meditation maze/labyrinth

19. Make a terrarium

20. Throw a costume party

21. Take a dog sled ride (hat tip to Maggie)

22. Take a Mondo Beyondo class

23. Work the Artist's Way from start to finish

24. Bring a show to the NY Fringe Festival

25. Own a zoom and a portrait lens and know how to use them

26. Create another cabaret show

27. Record a CD

28. Attend Sundance Film Festival*

29. Attend Tribeca Film Festival*

30. Attend Edinburgh Fringe Festival*

31. Attend NY Fringe Festival*

*Attendance in regard to these is to really dive into them like I've done when I've gone to Edinburgh in the past. The first time I went as an adult I saw 19 shows in three and a half days. It was glorious!

1 comment:

  1. Fabulous list. And I think number 1 and number 27 tie in together nicely.