Wednesday, July 28, 2010


And this is why we can't have nice things. I spent time and money having the whole bathroom redone in January. Spent the last week really cleaning it up. Tonight I'd been home an hour when I heard a funny noise. Bathroom flooded to a half inch or so. Water coming out the outlet. Things ruined, including my new toothbrush. Plaster and crap backed up in the tub. All while the building performed maintenance on the water system.

Can't have nice things I tell you. Fuck.
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  1. Oh, NO!!!

    Tell me, because I really don't know; when one owns one's apartment (as you do), who is responsible for this kind of thing? Does the building bear the burden of the repair and restoration, or do you have to hit up your homeowner's insurance for it?

    I have this sick feeling in the pit of my stomach for you; I'm SO, SO sorry!

  2. It's a co-op so it's a little intricate. In the simplest form I'm in charge of what happens within my walls and them without but communal issues like plumbing and electrical upgrades and heating and whatnot are a shared expensive covered by the monthly maintenance fee I pay. So I'm pretty sure I'll be able to get my handyman to come redo all his hard work and have the co-op pay for it because it's a communal issue that clearly initiated above my floor. And, not for nothing, is proceeding below it. The lobby is half an inch deep in water. Thanks to the Mythbusters for peeing on the third rail to teach me that water dripping from an electrical fixture can't hurt me if it's not a very strong stream.

  3. argh!!! I feel your pain. So sorry :(. One large chunk of my bedroom ceiling is still missing (just a few laths and plaster crumbs) thanks to water damage. May it be fixed quickly!

  4. Homeownership.
    Sometimes I wished I'd never had the thought.
    Feeling your pain. I love you and I love your handyman and if you need me to fly to NYC to do some tricks on him/for him/with him/in spite of him to make it work out more in your favor, you just send a smoke signal.

  5. I. Am. So. Sorry.

  6. Naomi B.7:50 AM

    That's not fair!
    What a crapload of a mess. Water damage sucks.