Monday, July 26, 2010


As the day has worn on I have become inexplicably sad. Probably an off shoot of fear (Iran! North Korea! Oil Spill! Tornado!) combined with headache and the dread of going to the gynecologist tomorrow.

Aside: It's weird to launch an erotica website, read this book and have your first gyn appointment in years all in the same week. 

Now that I'm in the sad spiral, though, everything seems sad. We're all dying! Kids and pets need adopting! Someone on Twitter broke a nail! Not to mention the fact that the mail carrier seems to have misdelivered my Netflix so my Sondheim extravaganza has been delayed. It's simply tragic, I tell you.

Who's got something to lift my spirits? Little joke? Funny picture? Don't send cake, my stomach isn't right today. But thanks for thinking of it.

Hope your day is happier.


  1. Last night at Misti's Chris was waiting for our friend Jen to get out of the bathroom. She was changing out of a wet t-shirt to a dry one. He looks at Chrome and says "Is she changing from a caterpillar to butterfly? Because she's taking forever!".

    Not really a joke, but we all thought it was funny. Also, there was a point in the evening where Misti spit beer and tooted simultaneously.

  2. Over the weekend I told my husband I was in a funk. He asked if there was anything he could do for me. I replied "Have you seen Old Yeller?" He was not amused...

    I hope your mood is slightly better than that...

  3. I think it's something in the air; I've been down for about two weeks now. Blah.

    Beanie's most recent funny is as follows:

    Knock, knock!

    Who's there?


    Dwayne, who?

    Dwayne the bathtub, I'm getting pwoony!

  4. My gyn in Nashville used to keep a poster of mega hot Dirty Dancing-era Patrick Swayze on his ceiling. He said it made his patients much happier to have their feet in the stirrups. Speculums ain't got nothing on Swayze!

  5. I did. I did spit beer and toot at the same time.
    wish you would have been with one could have the blues last night.
    sending some good goonie goo goo juice your way.

    good luck getting cranked. Gah. hoping you have a good poster to look at!

  6. Naomi B.6:21 AM

    Kathleen, your gyn is a genius!

    And I couldn't help but smile at Beanie's joke.

    Hope you feel better, Kizz.

  7. For the record there was no picture on the ceiling of the gyn office. The only decoration in there was a diagram of how to properly insert a nuva ring.