Friday, July 16, 2010

Friendy Friday

I'm going to take a page from Cindy's blog and do a little Thankful Friday post. I'll make it people-centric, I think.

First off, of course, I'm thankful for Cindy. She's agreed, sight unseen, to be my Blogher partner/shield. She thinks that we're vying for the post of shield but she's the one who boldly IM'd Chookooloonks so I think she wins. I'll be happy to show her around the world of NYC, she's going to have to show me around the world of, you know, humans.

Thankful for JRH who spent a day and a half revising and revising and revising again a banner for Kizz & Tell. Then when I started to panic about business cards she volunteered for another day and half of revising not one but two styles of business card which were finally ordered yesterday in the afternoon. I think you're going to like what you see.

And to J.S. who is doing all the technical magicosity to make the new urls work. He just emailed to tell me that he's gotten slammed with a work project and has to go out of town but, knowing that Blogher is coming up, he's going to set it up so I can add the banner and start posting on my own and won't be held up by his changes. Another volunteer.

So thankful for Audio Girl who, upon hearing that I was continuing to put off my doctors appointments emailed, "I know how to do this. Send me your info and I'll pretend to be your assistant. You deserve an assistant after all this time." And she didn't even mind when it took me 3 weeks to get the information to her.

Thankful for Mameres who, upon reading my housekeeping post, said, "Call me if you ever need stuff assembled. Will work for food." Then he didn't mock me when I replied, "Actually, do you own a hacksaw?" He just sent me a photo of his hacksaw (not a euphemism).

Oh and for Miss Kath! We're meeting for dinner and drinks at a yummy little place in Alphabet City before we go see Alex's band play. She recently reminded me that we had to finish up my 40th Birthday present so we've got tickets to a Cyclones game for Tuesday and plan to eat pizza and ride the Cyclone (not necessarily in that order) that night as well.

I am definitely thankful for everyone who has entered the HOT/COLD Photo Challenge! There's some fun stuff in the pool right now and I'm sure there'll be more by the deadline Tuesday morning. Have you entered yet? It's easy, promise, even for a procrastinator like me.

Last but certainly not least I am thankful for all of you who have entered my 6th Blogiversary giveaway! I love all your comments and questions. I'm going to answer the latter when I announce the winner on Monday. Entries are open until Sunday at midnight and the odds right now are ridiculously good given that we're talking about 6 prizes. One comment = one entry. So does one tweet (I'm @Kizzbeth).

For whom are you thankful this fine Friday?


  1. My pleasure. Seriously. Anybody else out there need anything? :)

  2. The business card thing sent me over the edge. I came up with something, sent it to Chris and then he redid the whole thing. Cards are ordered. I am ready for Blogher! Can't wait for everything.