Thursday, July 01, 2010

I Said What?

I said I'd be back later today, didn't I?

Did you ever have one of those days where all of a sudden it's bed time and you haven't had time to do any of the things you said you do that day but looking back you can't seem to identify anything you've actually accomplished?


Well I did.

(That reminded of a riff from Ron White's comedy but I haven't seen him in so long I can't actually remember the riff. It starts with Did you ever and then...well I can't find it. Does anyone know what I'm talking about?)

So, perhaps my brain is a little scattered and that's why I didn't manage to accomplish anything today. Just perhaps.

Let's turn the spotlight away from me then. My holiday weekend started at 5pm today. I'll cruise back to the old grindstone at 9am Tuesday. No real plans for the vacation, might get together with some friends, will definitely watch some movies here at home but mostly just sticking to the homefront and helping a friend. I bet you have plans, though. Will you share them in the comments, please?


  1. friday=work till 6 then off to Hawk and Ringo's for a burger cookout and spending time with Ringo's kid who is fresh back from camp. I cannot WAIT to hear her stories.

    sat=off at the salon. yardwork in the a.m. mowing. planting more stuff. if it's sunny, hitting the pool with a girlfriend. PM an anniversary party for two of my favorite people. they got married last year but the bride was with child so no party for her. She gets a "DO OVER, BITCHES!" as well she should.
    sun=more lazy. house will force me to work so will maybe purple pool. then out to the farmhouse with Audra and her family for fireworks and more food.
    mon=home. hopefully relaxed and lazy and watching old eps of True Blood and Buffy...

    i cannot wait.

  2. "Did you ever take a crap so big your pants fit better? I'm hoping that happens to me later tonight, because these babies are snug, is what they are. I am just one good BM away from backing into a whole new wardrobe."

    I kinda listen to Ron White A LOT.

  3. I feel like that has been my whole week.

    I think we're going camping, even though there's a possibility of rain. Stupid hurricane season.

  4. Anonymous12:38 PM

    I have more of those days than I'd like to admit. I'm not sure where the time goes.

    Hopefully, I'll get my hair cut and some cleaning done today. My weekend will be spent out in the boonies with family. It'll be nice to pick berries, see the stars, light off whatever fireworks we want, and enjoy the quiet.

    Hope you have a lovely Fourth weekend!