Friday, July 30, 2010

So Far Away

By the time I wake up tomorrow morning my girl, Auntie, will be married. I'm sure she's already fast asleep in preparation for her happy day. I can't be there in person but I'll be there in my dreams.

I love you and wish you a lifetime of happiness.

Have an extra slice of chocolate cake for me, please.


  1. What a great picture!

    I too hope the morning is lovely and the ever after even lovelier.

  2. It was gorgeous! Perfect, even. All is right in my world...

  3. i have found that, in my dreams, i always look way better in my new dress than what i would have had i actually gone!!
    and i am loving the chocolate wedding cake idea...yummmmm!

  4. Thanks Kizz! We had a great day! Hugs!