Friday, August 20, 2010

Facts About The New Dog Part I (also probably of a million)

  • He is not a fan of baths. Shivers, acts pathetic, tries to sneak out of the sink like you won't notice.
  • Vet says he's 8-12 months old (based on teeth cleanliness and the fact that he has 2 canines on one side so his baby one hasn't fallen out yet).
  • He might be part iguana (he has been known to refuse Scooter Snacks, no dog refuses Scooter Snacks).
  • He is not motivated by food at all (not sure what he's motivated by).
  • He won't eat. I've never dealt with a dog who isn't motivated by food. Seems that he can't handle eating when he's distracted and he's pretty much always distracted. Putting the food in his crate with him seems to give him the brain space he needs to eat something.
  • He's super skinny.
  • His shoulders ripple with muscles when he digs in to pull.
  • Despite being super distracto he will pay attention when asked at a curb and wait for a go ahead to cross the street.
  • He is probably a failed experiment in the creation of a puggle. The jaw is a little puggly, that's where the curly tail comes from, some of his coloring is from that, his ears have some pug to them. 
  • The aging seems correct because he's generally running around like a cyclone and then abruptly lapses into a coma. 
  • I am very much looking forward to having him neutered.
  • He has a vet check up appointment tomorrow.
  • After that I think it'll be time to purchase him a leash made for a dog his size. It's time to stop pretending.


  1. Yay... if you want to collect some books with ideas for motivating non-food-freak dogs, let us know. Since you're getting his attention in distraction, I think your battle's half won. Can't wait to see you in the park!

  2. Oh, lucky, lucky you!! I remember when we got Jack this past October, and worried about his adaptation from being a shelter dog. And we also had to neuter him - and deal with the Cone of Shame. But as time went on, we came to know how sweet and wonderful he could be. Your Eddie will be just a darling with the love you give him. Welcome, Eddie!

  3. I just cannot wait to meet the little whizbang!

  4. do you want me to send you HONEST KITCHEN samples? i will, if you'd like. i will also share that HONEST KITCHEN is quite expensive. however, it saves you in the long run because your dogs never go to the vet. like ever. go to their site and check out the food. it's human grade, mostly organic, you and the dog could even eat it together (i'm not kidding!) and i've yet to meet a dog that doesn't DEVOUR it.

  5. I just remember how you stopped you spoke to every dog we passed on my New York adventure, and it kind of broke my heart a little knowing that you needed a dog in your life. So I'm so glad to hear that the two of you have connected.

  6. Eddie is a sweetie. Are you in love with him yet? If not, I think you will fall in love with him shortly.

  7. I'm still a little conflicted but I do like him a lot. When I gave him a kong full of kibble and he jumped up in my lap to get all the kibble out he made a big leap forward in my heart, I think.