Saturday, August 14, 2010

Great Minds..

So yesterday I went to see Scott Pilgrim vs. The World (Ally McBeal meets Juno at CBGB's. In Canada! Go see now.) For the poll we took yesterday I went to the 11:10am show and it was only $6, usually $12.50! Will only be attending movies before noon on weekdays from now on. Anyway, there were a lot of previews. I like previews so they were fine with me and all but I didn't know how fine until this happened.

This one preview came on and it was a mystery, thriller kind of a thing. A few people get into an elevator and there's this one guy who never really shows his face and you can't tell if he's showing up on the surveillance video. The young, pretty woman gets weird injuries and screams. The elevator begins to fall. It's really suspenseful and awesome and I'm not usually into anything where the elevator plummets I'm considering suggesting we bookmark this movie. From the tense silence in the theatre I deduce that I am not alone. Then...


Across the screen flashes...

"by director M. Knight Shyamalan"

Whole place breaks up laughing and can't stop.

Sorry buddy, I think you might be the only one left who thinks your movies aren't comedies.


  1. The only Shymalan movies I've seen are Sixth Sense, Unbreakable, and Signs (and in that order, I believe). I recall, quite clearly, turning to Mr. Chili after seeing Unbreakable and saying "I fear he may have blown his creative wad on his first movie." Nothing I've heard about his subsequent work leads me to believe I'm wrong...

  2. Classic. And I saw that as a victim of his Airbender masterpiece.

  3. That'd be "Night", not "Knight". Or maybe it did say "Knight" and that's why people were laughing.

    I thought "Signs" was terrible but I'm kinda stunned that I was the only one I know who actually found the ending ambiguous.