Wednesday, August 25, 2010

NWW: Swinging In The Breeze

There's a lot of us swinging in the breeze right now, waiting to see where our lives will blow. We're being blown to new homes, new jobs, new traveling destinations. The wind blew a little dog into my house. Gotta fix the seals on the door! (That dog is, by the way, recovering just as well as expected if not more so.)

What's blowing your way these days?


  1. I'm one of the new traveling destination folks. To Idaho next week. Will report if I find anything new swinging in the breeze there.

  2. Miflohny12:44 PM

    What a WONDERFUL surprise to see such a sweet picture of Little Seal when I opened your blog. Thank you! Today is his third day in his new apartment and his sixth day in his new apartment and my heart hopes he's doing OK with it all. I think he is, though I know he misses some people at his old daycare and he misses having an apartment with everything where he can find it and a nice, put together room ....

  3. I'm blowing my nose.

  4. Oh Chrome, I really think you're going to.

    Miflohny, there are more where that picture came from. Some are on Flickr and some are still sitting on the computer waiting for me to futz with them before publishing. I should have you use them to make a play doh commercial.

    Auntie, every little bit counts.

  5. I hope the winds of change are blowing a new job my direction. At least I sent off my resume to some one for critiquing. That's a step.

    I think Chrome is going to find something really good in Idaho.

  6. kisses
    dog hair!

  7. New job. New Salon.
    New roommate.
    New work on the house.
    Lotta change.