Monday, August 02, 2010

Our Baby Is Growing Up

Today our beloved Dionysas turns 40.

Sadly neither Misti Ridiculous or I were able to be at his party.

It was a fabulous 1940s themed do hosted by his Windy City Posse. 

(That's how old we are, we say posse.)

Misti will, I'm sure, put together a post of his favorite things later today.

So I decided I would put together a post of one of our favorite things, him.

I couldn't seem to come up with words to do him justice.

I hope these photos will serve that purpose instead.

I love you, man. 

40 looks good on you. 

But so does every age.


  1. I think he just gets better each year. This is FABULOUS!!!! I need more wallspace and frames. These are is he.
    Happy Birthday Baby!!!

  2. A friend of Kizz & Misti R's is a friend of mine... Have a fabulous birthday!

  3. Truly amazing and so handsome. We are so lucky to have known him when and now.

  4. Thanks KIZZ!! Awww.. But I need to give you some updated photos stat! LOL! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE YOU!! DION

  5. You really do! I was kind of embarrassed that the most recent ones I had were from November. Thank goodness one of those had you simulating fellatio on some corn!!!

    It's a good thing embarrassment (yours or mine) can't stop me. Love you.