Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Give Me 10 More

Just because today has been interesting I have to do 10 more things.

1. I seem to have received a free vacuum! Thank you LG and Mouthy Housewives!

2. I am eating chocolate chips straight out of the bag.

3. I am panicking, perhaps disproportionately, about the fact that the place where I'm going for the dog orientation class has no bathroom and is near nothing with a public bathroom.

4. Serendipity gave my dog an extra long walk today.

5. The more reluctant cat sat next to me while the dog wiggled around in my lap with his toy. No blood was shed.

6.  Little dogs really do love those tiny rawhide bones wrapped in nasty dried chicken strips. Thanks Kath!

7. My little dog has a place to hang with people and dogs and cats tonight while I'm away. Thank you Sara!

8. It's really hard to write about someone you admire. As a result tomorrow's Resource Room may be delayed.

9. The less reluctant cat is conquering his fears and managed to get up on the bed with me last night.

10. My living room still smells like piss. Want to come over?


  1. I can't believe you got a vacuum! I hope this means that mine is also on it's way.

  2. 1. my vacuum died last week but with diligent work from the air compressor we restored its suck.
    2. I am ready to drink tequila straight from the bottle.
    3. I have reached the age where..when I have to go...i have to go NOW! I hate it.
    4. My husband has not gotten home to take the dog for a long walk yet.
    5. I shut the cats outside so I could sleep last night without playing 'i want to go out roulette'.
    6. My dog LOVES the sweet potato snacks wrapped in chicken jerky.
    7. My dog is home with me (sorry no clever reply)
    8. I admire you and your writing!
    9. The most reluctant cat in our house is hissing less frequently at the stray who adopted us 2 months ago.
    10. Whoo boy - we have an elderly dog who stresses out when we go away- look for something called Icky Poo - it is an enzymatic cleaner that REALLY works.

  3. I just simply love this list!