Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I'm Packing

Eddie and I go to obedience class together for the first time today. I went last week but was by myself so this week we jump in with all six feet. Mostly I'm looking forward to having a professional evaluate my dog and tell me whether the things I feel I need are possible. (Please oh please oh please oh please!) Anyway, we have to bring a lot of stuff so here are 10 things I'm packing to bring to class tonight:

1. The dog

2. A bag to put the dog in since we have to take the subway to class (Fair trade, made and sold by women, gifted to me by Blogher)

3. Collar (or harness, right now we have a collar)

4. 4 or 6 foot leash (we have a 4, only slightly gnawed)

5. Dog's favorite toy (his stuffed platypus with the squeaky eggs inside that JRH sent)

6. Mat or towel for dog to lie on (I could bring a washcloth this dog is so small but I'll bring a towel, probably line his bag with it)

7. Stuffed kong or marrow bone (I'm going with a kong full of kibble and peanut butter)

8. 4 or 5 varieties of food treats broken into pea sized bits (turkey hot dogs, dried lamb lung, kibble pupperoni, Scooter Snacks)

9. Treat holder (generously handed down to me by Sara Gardens!)

10. Clicker (should bring the one that advertises the dog trainer running the class but the one that JRH sent has a convenient bracelet to keep it on my wrist)

Wish us luck, please. If it's possible to telepathically send patience to one of us I do not know which of us you should choose. Probably me, he didn't wake up half an hour early to worry about class.


  1. Sending you belated luck wishes - hope it went swimmingly!

  2. Laurie B10:54 PM

    You are a good Mom. Hang in there