Friday, September 10, 2010

It Follows

Today's been weird, off, a little crazy but not in any way that's interesting enough to relate. If you need a for instance, though, how about the fact that September 10th is National Suicide Prevention Day. Tomorrow is the 9th anniversary of a group of suicide bombers hijacking and destroying 4 planes (and a couple of minor landmarks) and today is National Suicide Prevention Day. They don't officially have anything to do with each other but my Facebook and Twitter feeds are full of people giving support to a very worthy cause, keeping people from killing themselves. I just can't help's weird.

The other day Jen Lemen (you really should be following her) put out a call that if anyone had a fear they were struggling with we should email her and she'd do a card reading of sorts for it. I emailed her and this is (in part) what she sent back:

"Your angel is...

SURRENDER (can you believe it??)

Here's how I did it.  I placed the deck of angels face down on the table and then randomly selected a card for each person.  My intention was to pick the word/angel that would give you   the insight, comfort or guidance you need as you walk through whatever fear you're facing.  I hope that's the case."

So I'm trying to surrender into a lot of things, this fear topmost among them. Today was a good day for it, just surrendering to the direction of the prevailing wind.

Here's wishing you warm and favorable winds. Who knows where you'll be swept next but I hope it's beautiful.

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  1. Man oh man.
    Ive been struggling with that. Some days I win. Some days epic fail. dont forget to breathe. and know that i've also got my angel wings wrapped around you. (initially typed warpped. that may be more fitting)