Sunday, September 12, 2010

Just Two Things, You Know

They're both about photography, though.

1. I uploaded a bunch of pictures today. Some of them are from the post-Blogher shenanigans perpetrated my Cindy, Chrome and me.

2. There's still time to enter the open-ended photo challenge. Any time between now and Tuesday at 9am. Will you contribute something?


  1. Hula just gets prettier every time I see her lately! I heart the SOL photo. Very pretty.

  2. Why was covering my ear like that? Receiving a transmission, I suppose.
    (Thanks for the compliments, Gert!)

  3. I'm pretty sure you were trying to keep your hat from flying off. I caught you midway to something. It looks like you're recording your live album, though.

  4. I think you were talking to God in that picture. He was telling that "we's all nasty".